Enjoy an Event at Red’s

Check back often for a list of our events and activities

Since 1952, Red’s has been a premier destination for drinks, fun and entertainment. The newest owners took over in 1991 and have continued that tradition. We host a wide variety of events and activities from Monday Night Football poker tournaments to bowling nights. Whether you’re a Montana Grizzlies football fan or not, there’s something everyone can enjoy at your friendly neighborhood bar.

Stop by for one of the following events or activities at Red’s Bar:

·Cribbage tournament

·Calcutta auctions

·Bowing tournaments

·Prom night

·Beach parties

·Football busses for Grizzlies home hames

·Poker tournaments

·And more!

Want to host your event with us? Get in touch with staff at Red’s Bar today! We will discuss the details of your event and reserve your spot. Or give us a call for more information about our upcoming events and activities. We look forward to meeting you!